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Electric Plaster Saw

Electric Plaster Saw
Product Detailed
Cut all kinds of bandages. High-speed saw blade vibration system Swing angle less than 5.6

The Instruction of Electric Plaster Saw

I. The composing and usage of the product:

  Electric Plaster Saw consists of electric main engine, transmission shaft, shaft installing sleeve, eccentric shaft, axletree, transmission pliers, circular saw, linearity saw and housing, front cover, setscrew, power line, wire plug, and so on.  This product applies to take down the plaster cast after the fixation and diaplasis of the orthopedics operation in the hospital.

II. Structural feature and operational principle:

  Electric Plaster Saw can attain the aim of taking down the plaster cast by using power supply to make electric engine revolving, the twirl of eccentric shaft will drive transmission pliers to form a to-and-fro swing and saw the plaster cast; there is no harm to the skin of the wounded in use.  This electric machine adopts double insulation to protect the device, so that it can guarantee the safety of the operator and the wounded. This machine possesses distinguishing features of strong power, light design, stable operation, small vibration, low noise, safety and credibility.

III. Normal working conditions and basic parameters:

 A). Normal working conditions:  Environmental temperature: 5~40°C;  Relative humidity: ≤80%;  The voltage of power supply: 220V ± 22V;  The frequency of power supply: 50HZ ± 1HZ. B). Basic parameters:( when swinging in no-load.)  The oscillation angle of the plaster saw: 6°±1°;  The frequency of the oscillation ( revolving in no load): 15000 times/min ± 2250 times/min.  Noise in no-load: ≤90Db(A);  The temperature rise in no-load: the temperature rise of the housing is not more than 25°C after 3 minutes’ operation. IV. Method of application:

 A). Before using, check to see if the saw blade is flat, the saw teeth are full, and the installation is firm. When installing the saw blade, you only need to tighten up the multi-color crown clockwise by using a 5mm inner hexagon spanner, and then can operate it. B). Before the operation, using formalin to disinfect the Plaster Saw, then connect the electric main engine to the power supply, flip the switch of the main engine and start up the machine. C). During operating it, you should clutch the saw and lay it slowly on the plaster that needs cutting, then cut down apeak along plaster surface. If you’re not very sure, don’t cut the pluster to its bottom at one time (though this saw has the protective function to the soft tissue). D). Cut down apeak along plaster surface, lift and move forward the saw, then put it on the lower part of the plaster that need cutting, do it again as the aforementioned process until the task is finished. E). When the saw teeth become blunt after long term usage, you only need to loosen the multi-color crown counterclockwise by using a 5mm inner hexagon spanner and revolve the saw blade, then tighten up the multi-color crown clockwise and can use the saw.

V. Caution:

A). The plug of the wire should install to the safe triporate socket with the same specification. The safe socket should be earthed to guarantee the safety in using the electricity. B). Before using, check to see if the saw blade is flat, the saw teeth are full, and the installation is firm. C). Don’t press the saw too hard in use, you should increase the pressure properly when the saw blade is swinging. D). When the saw blade is stuck suddenly in the cutting part of the plaster, you should cut off the power supply and get out slowly, rather than turn on and turn off the switch of the power now and then, for this can cause the motor load of the electric engine increase and decrease abruptly, so as to damage the engine. E). In use, the temperature of the engine housing will increase over time. If the housing is too hot, you should stop using it, and wait to use it again after it cools, or else the engine will easily be burnt by the high temperature. F). If there is abnormal sound, too much vibration or decrease of the motor load, and so on,you should send it back to the producer or the electrician to check and repair.

VI. Maintenance

 A). Periodically check the insulating property of the main engine to ensure the safety utilization of electric power.  B). Periodically check the movements of every part of the saw. If the engine works well but there are malfunctions with the mechanical parts, you can check the structure of the mechanical parts, then replace or repair the parts as the factual situation. After repair, you should add new #1 MOS2 lubricating grease to prevent the abrasion of the transmission parts and the affect to the service life due to the lack of grease.

VII. After-sales services commitment:

  This saw will be repaired free within half a year, if it lies in the quality of the saw. And it is guaranteed for one year. Only the materials cost will be paid for under warranty.

Electric Plaster Saw

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